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Advanced cancer screening

Extended cancer prevention includes measures that are not included in the catalog of services provided by the statutory health insurance funds - so-called  IGeL services. Here we offer:


  • HPV test

  • Improved preventive smear with liquid cytology ( Thin Prep )

  • Transvaginal ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries

  • Ultrasound of the breast

  • Blood and hormone tests

  • Immunological stool test  for detection  of occult (hidden) blood in the stool  in the event of inflammatory or tumorous bowel diseases


In our opinion, the examinations listed are a useful addition - especially if they are legally required  Investigations (e.g. Pap smear) do not provide clear results. The costs are only covered by the statutory health insurance in rare cases and you can ask us in advance.

Play it safe

In our practice you will receive all recommended preventive measures that are important for your cancer prevention and that are also covered by the statutory health insurance companies. These include:


Cervical cancer screening

For women over the age of 20: once a year a gynecological examination with a specific anamnesis, smear and cytological examination. The smear - also called Pap smear - provides information about cell changes in the cervix and cervix. In addition to the Pap smear is recommended  also an HPV  Test (IgEL). However, this is not yet covered by the statutory health insurance and is calculated according to the fee schedule for doctors.


Breast cancer screening

Palpation of the mammary gland and surrounding lymphatic drainage areas is an essential part of this preventive measure as well as  a guide to self-control. If this examination reveals any abnormalities, a mammography should be carried out for further clarification  (Chest x-ray) and a breast ultrasound (ultrasound of the breast)  should be considered. The service catalog of the statutory health insurance companies takes the following measures into account:

For women from the age of 30: in addition to the genital examination, once a year a breast and skin examination with anamnesis of complaints, changes, palpation of the breast and surrounding lymph nodes including instructions for self-monitoring

For women from 50 to 69 years of age: an additional mammography screening every two years



Colon cancer screening

For women from the age of 50:  In addition, a haemoccult test once a year to check for blood in the stool for women aged 55 and over: in addition, a colonoscopy twice every ten years or, alternatively, a haemoccult test.

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