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Our philosophy determines our actions

a holistic care approach


As specialized and experienced specialists in gynecology and obstetrics, we of course dedicate ourselves primarily to the treatment of gynecological diseases. But as a holistic family doctor practice for women, we always focus on the patient's entire body, psychosomatics and the psychosocial environment. Psychosomatic support is therefore not infrequently part of everyday treatment for us.

We practice according to the latest scientific knowledge of orthodox medicine and continue to train ourselves on a regular basis. But we are of the opinion that conventional and alternative medicine are not mutually exclusive, but can complement each other very sensibly. Therefore, we also recommend alternative medical treatment methods such as homeopathy, acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine.

We are of the opinion:

Not everything that modern medicine enables today always makes sense in individual cases. This applies both to preventive measures and to treatment in the event of illness, pregnancy or the desire to have children.


In principle, the benefits and possible disadvantages as well as the risks of examinations, operations, medication and other measures should always be weighed individually. - And this also taking into account the respective family, partnership, professional, psychological, physical and financial situation of the patients.


Nobody will be able to make the decision for or against a certain preventive measure or treatment for you. But we advise and inform you about everything that is important and helpful for you, so that you can make the right decision for yourself. 


for us also means a meaningful combination of

School and alternative medicine

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