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Girls' office hour

For most young girls, the first visit to a gynecologist often becomes interesting and important when the first boyfriend is there. But a consultation is also recommended for other reasons. Many girls have problems, worries or questions that they cannot necessarily discuss with their parents or even their best friend or boyfriend. Especially during puberty, which is associated with serious physical changes, great insecurities, frequent mood swings or even minor and major skin problems, talking to an independent medical confidante can help.

The first time there is no investigation with us. Unless it is required or desired from a medical point of view. The first visit is all about getting to know each other and seeing whether you are sympathetic. Lots of girls want to  just know how the examination at a gynecologist usually works, how it sits in the treatment chair and which instruments are used during an examination. All this  we show and explain. In addition, girls are also given a lot of useful information and tips so that they can find out the right places on the Internet.

Fertility clinic

An unfulfilled desire to have children can lead to enormous suffering in women and significantly impair the quality of life and relationships of couples. However, before you consider artificial insemination, such as E.g. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), measures should always be taken beforehand,  to get to the bottom of the causes of existing conception or fertility disorders. Cycle monitoring using ultrasound as well as hormone status determination are available for this purpose.

The respective lifestyle habits and current life situation should also be examined in more detail in advance in this context. Because strong mental or physical  Stress has a significant impact on the entire hormonal and immune system.

If you and your partner wish to have fertility treatment, please make an appointment and specify your concerns.

Psychosomatic consultation hours

The female cycle and the different phases of life in which women find themselves  - from puberty to planning children and pregnancy to menopause and more serious gynecological diseases have a major impact on a woman's psychological well-being.

In the  Psychosomatic consultation is about looking at your individual life situation as a whole and under the interaction and interplay between body, soul and environment. I will inform and advise you  You detailed, individual and sensitive to all available support and therapy options.

Hormone consultation

Hormones regulate everything in the body. Dysregulation can have various causes; it can be congenital or acquired, but it can also be stress-related. In the homon consultation we advise women with gynecological and endocrinological questions and problems, such as menstrual disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, hormone-related miscarriages, infertility and complaints in the menopause and in the menopause individually on the benefits and risks of special hormone therapies.

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